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Chummer Build 207 Available

Build 207

  • added support for <swimpercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Swim speed
  • added support for <flypercent /> to the Improvement Manager which improves a character's Fly speed
  • added support for <flyspeed /> to the Improvement Manager which gives a character a Fly speed if they do not already have one
  • fixed an issue that prevented the proper Gear Categories from being available to Armor and Career Mode
  • added swimpercent information to Cyberfins and Functional Tail (Paddle)
  • added swimpercent information to Power Swimming
  • added flyspeed to Wingsuit Jetpack
  • opening a save file with no Movement information no longer throws an error and instead reads the missing information from the Metatypes/Critters file, adds it to the character, and saves the updated file
  • A.I. characters should no longer throw an error when creating or loading due to their "Special" Movement rate
  • fixed an issue that caused the list of books being used to filter content in Select windows to be based on the Settings file of the first character loaded instead of the current character
  • Exotic Active Skills are no longer hard-coded and have been moved to the skills.xml data file to allow custom Exotic Active Skills to be defined
  • Select Side window now shows the name of the item being installed to reduce confusion, especially when adding a Cyberware Suite with multiple limbs
  • added a house rule for Allow Cyberware Essence costs to be discounted (see below)
  • Rating and Gear Rating on the Vehicles tab have been merged into one field since they both reflect the selected item's Rating and only one was ever used at a time
  • Matrix Programs now have the Copy Protection and Registration plugins attached to them for free if Unwired is selected in the character's Book Options
  • added support for Gear Locations to keep track of where stuff is stored


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