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Chummer Build 246 Available

Build 246

  • Weapon reloading methods are now read from the translation file
  • Weapon Accessories now show their mount points when selected
  • Weapon Mods now show their mod slots when selected
  • selecting a Weapon Accessory or Weapon Mod now updates the Range information to match the Weapon it's attached to
  • loading a character with a Commlink Operating System Upgrade attached to a Commlink Operating System no longer throws an error
  • Commlinks now check for Operating System Upgrades within their Commlink Operating Systems in addition to within the Commlink itself
  • added <currentammo /> to the Weapon information in the printout XML which gives the name of the Ammo currently loaded in the Weapon
  • Skills affected by Incompetent are now correctly marked as not allowing Defaulting
  • Quality type is now translated in the printout XML
  • Contact type is now translated in the printout XML
  • Weapon RC now always displays as a whole number (no brackets) since it always shows the Weapon's RC based on the currently installed plugins (the brackets just made things more confusing)
  • XML indenting/formatting is preserved when adding a custom Cyberware Suite or PACKS Kit to an existing custom file
  • FIRE! and Reload buttons and Ammo selection list are now only enabled when an appropriate Weapon is selected
  • Vehicle Weapons now show their Dice Pool (Targeting Autosofts must be given a value that matches the Weapon's Category, otherwise it assumes that the highest-rated Targeting Autosoft should be used)
  • Increased Cylinder Weapon Mod now properly changes the Weapon's Ammo to 8(cy)
  • added Hollow Cyberlimb and Hollow Cybertorso to the Post-Mortem Modifications Category in Gear
  • Save As now uses the character's Alias instead of their Name
  • fixed an issue where converting the Metatype of an older character would throw an error if their MAG or RES were set to 0


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