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Chummer Build 317 Available

Build 317

  • Improvements can now contain multiple <spellcategory /> tags
  • added support for Bolt Holes and Safehouses from the new Safehouses sourcebook
  • Advanced Lifestyle window now filters Qualities based on the selected sourcebooks
  • fixed an issue where selecting an Underbarrel Weapon that had no Accessories or Modifications in Career Mode would throw an error
  • fixed an issue where undoing the Karma Expense for increasing an Active Skill would not re-enable the Skill Group control when appropriate
  • Select Gear window now shows a checkbox for Inherent Program for selected software for Metasapients that can select Inherent Programs

New Strings

  • Menu_BoltHole
  • Menu_Safehouse
  • Label_SelectLifestyle_CostPerWeek
  • Label_SelectGear_InherentProgram
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