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Chummer Build 320 Available

Build 320

  • fixed an issue where Re-Apply Improvements would throw an error when checking Gear plugins whose parent item could no longer be found because of changed Gear categories
  • Re-Apply Improvements now records any selected values in the same manner as selecting them for the first time
  • pressing the up and down arrows while the search field has focus now selects the next/previous item in the list in most windows
  • added support for Large Dice Pool and Really Large Dice Pool rolling option from War! to the Dice Roller window
  • Cost/Month in the Advanced Lifestyle window when working on a Safehouse is now correctly changed to Cost/Week
  • maximum Power Level for Mystic Adept Powers is now correctly limited by their total MAG
  • custom Improvements now appear in a tree
  • custom Improvements can now be sorted using drag-and-drop
  • added support for editing custom Improvements
  • Active Skills now show their tooltips when grouped
  • fixed an issue where broken Skill Groups would no longer show their tooltip in Career Mode
  • reloading a Weapon can now draw ammo from secondary containers such as Spare Clips

New Strings

  • String_DiceRoller_Standard
  • String_DiceRoller_Large
  • String_DiceRoller_ReallyLarge
  • Node_SelectedImprovements
  • Button_EditImprovement
  • Button_DeleteImprovement
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