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Chummer Build 383 Available

Build 383

  • when creating a character with Karma, the cost for Special Attributes is now included in the maximum cost calculation as per RC 42
  • fixed an issue where Spells were not being translated when loading a saved character
  • Spirit and Sprite names are now properly translated when adding a new Spirit or Sprite to a character and use the proper Critter Metatype when creating a linked Critter
  • fixed an issue where clicking the Add & More button in the Select Weapon Accessory window would throw an error when trying to add additional Accessory to a non-Vehicle-mounted Weapon
  • fixed an issue where the Advanced Lifestyles window would put some Lifestyles into the High category instead of Middle if their LP fell within a certain range
  • corrected a stupid mistake where Limited Spells were adding +2 to their DV instead of +2 to the Resistance Dice Pool
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