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Chummer Build 403 Available

Build 403

  • added a house rule to allow the creation and addition of Bioware Suites
  • added support for adding and creating Bioware Suites
  • added <owncost /> to printout XML for equipment which contains just the cost of the individual item
  • fixed an issue that prevented Weapons in the Weapons list from being reordered using drag-and-drop
  • added support for Locations within Weapons

New Strings

  • Menu_SpecialAddBiowareSuite
  • Menu_SpecialCreateBiowareSuite
  • Checkbox_Option_AllowBiowareSuites
  • Title_SelectBiowareSuite
  • Label_SelectBiowareSuite_PartsInSuite
  • Title_CreateBiowareSuite
  • Message_DeleteWeaponLocation

Modified Strings

  • Message_CyberwareSuite_InvalidFileName
  • Message_CyberwareSuite_DuplicateName
  • MessageTitle_CyberwareSuite_DuplicateName
  • Message_CyberwareSuite_SuiteCreated
  • MessageTitle_CyberwareSuite_SuiteCreated
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