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Chummer Build 405 Available

Build 405

  • added support for naming Gear
  • fixed an issue where clicking the +/- buttons for Lifestyles without a Lifestyle selected would throw an error
  • Improvements can now include an Attribute name (see below)
  • Qualities can now be marked as Free in Create Mode, reducing their cost to 0 BP/Karma
  • Cyberware can no longer have an Avail lower than 0

Attribute Names in Improvements
Attribute names (such as RES and STR) can now be used in an Improvement's value XML, such as <movementpercent>MAG * 50</movementpercent>. This will not change when the character's Attribute changes; it will only use the Attribute's value at the time the Improvement is added. If the character's Attribute changes after this Improvement has been added, you will need to select Re-Apply Improvements from the Special menu.

New Strings

  • Menu_NameGear
  • Message_SelectGearName
  • String_GearName
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