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Chummer Build 407 Available

Build 407

  • Weapon Mods that use a Total Cost multiplier now use the full multiplier instead of multiplier - 1
  • Weapon Dice Pool now shows the same tooltip in Create Mode as it does in Career Mode
  • Weapons now include their modified firing mode in the printout XML
  • fixed an issue where Vehicle Mods that included Vehicle Cost in their cost could throw an error when attempting to add it to a Vehicle
  • Complex Form total on the Build Point Summary tab calculates its value correctly again
  • Advanced Lifestyles that had the Street - Z-zones/Barrens or Luxury-AAA Neighborhoods no longer throw an error when attempting to edit them
  • fixed an issue that prevented Advanced Lifestyles from showing the list of Qualities when editing them
  • Spirit and Sprite names are now translated on the printout when using a non-English language
  • Weapons created by Gear (such as Missiles) now use the <avail />, <cost />, and <owncost /> of the Gear that created them in the printout XML
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