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Chummer Build 408 Available

Build 408

  • Vehicle Mods now support variable Costs
  • selecting a Cyberware or Bioware Suite that contains an item with a variable Cost no longer throws an error
  • added a house rule to allow Free Spirit Power Points to be based on MAG instead of EDG
  • data files are now downloaded in a compressed format and decompressed locally to greatly reduce the amount of time it takes for them to be downloaded
  • removed the Include Smartlink bonus in Active Skills option since it is no longer necessary (see below)

Include Smartlink bonus in Active Skills option removed
Weapons have displayed their own calculated Dice Pools since build 314. As a result, showing the Smartlink bonus in an Active Skill has become redundant and rather misleading since it is applied on a per-Weapon basis instead of the Active Skill as a whole. The Weapon Dice Pool accurately reflects any Smartlink bonuses the character receives.

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_FreeSpiritPowerPointsMAG

Deleted Strings

  • Checkbox_Options_IncludeSmartlink
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