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Chummer Build 432 Available

Build 432

  • added an Add & More button to the Select Critter Power window
  • Notes window no longer appears in the Windows Taskbar
  • Attributes should now only show their Augmented value when they have Improvements that affect their actual value
  • Vehicle Weapon information is now shown in Create Mode
  • Sai (and any Weapon whose DV type is "P or S") now displays its calculated DV properly instead of the formula
  • Gear data file now supports recursive use of <usegear /> to add plugins to other plugins
  • Gear category is now recorded when creating a new custom PACKS Kit
  • adding a PACKS Kit now uses the recorded category (if available) to add the correct piece of Gear
  • Update window now moves the archived copy of the application back if downloading an updated version fails to hopefully prevent the app from being unusable
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