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Shadowrun 5th Edition and Chummer

5th Edition looks to be introducing enough changes to the game system to warrant a new version of Chummer instead of trying to roll them into the current one. There are also a number of things in the current version of the code that I'm just not happy with, namely a lot of code duplication and things being bolted onto other things in a less than ideal manner. It's also getting somewhat difficult to maintain. Not really surprising since there was little-to-no design done when I first put the app together before it exploded in popularity. It's also just a natural by-product of an application's growth. At some point, it needs to be taken apart and rewritten.

What does this mean for the SR4 version of Chummer then? After the next small new feature (chart to show remaining Karma and Nuyen over time), I do not plan on implementing any new features into the application unless a new SR4 sourcebook is released which introduces something new. Thankfully it seems like most of the posts are now just about bugs anyways. New data for sourcebooks will still be added, bugs continued to be fixed, and minor enhancements made. I'll also continue to put the updated code on the Google Code site so that others can poke around with it if they'd like. I'm also going to try and have the next build available on Sunday afternoon which will contain the chart and as many bug fixes as I can cram in by then.

I don't know when the SR5 version will be available since we haven't heard a release date for the book yet and I have no idea how long it will take to make all of the changes it brings with it. Between now and then I'll be rewriting all of the core application code to try and tighten it up and make working with it easier from my perspective. I plan on continuing to use .NET 4.0 so none of the requirements will change and the new versions should still work on other platforms using Wine. I'm also going to try and work more closely with Ralf Stauder who wrote Squad Manager to try and get the two apps to work together better.

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