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Chummer Build 467 Available

Build 467

  • added a Threshold field to the Dice Roller window which will tell you if the roll was a success or failure
  • Karma and Nuyen tab now display charts to show the character's total Karma and Nuyen over time
  • fixed an issue where the Karma cost for increasing Initiation/Submersion Grade would not round correctly in the tooltip with Group and/or Ordeal checked
  • when selected, Armor Bundles now show the Ballistic and Impact Ratings of their equipped pieces
  • added support for <damageresistance /> to Quality requirements which requires a character's total Damage Resistance Pool to meet or exceed the specified size
  • Panzer Quality now requires Damage Resistance Pool of 5 instead of BOD 5
  • Paragons that offer a choice of bonuses now display their selected bonus on the Complex Forms and Sprites tab
  • Paragons that offer a choice of bonuses no longer prompt for a value to be entered in a textbox
  • fixed an issue where undoing an Nuyen Expense for an Armor Mod would not properly remove it from the list until reloading
  • removed the Concealable Holster from the Mortimer of London: Berwick Suit Jacket Ensemble
  • purchasing plugins for Gear with a quantity higher than 1 now costs the correct amount of Nuyen (plugin's cost x parent's quantity)
  • fixed an issue where Gear that is added as a plugin to another piece of Gear plugged into a piece of Armor could not be deleted until reloading the save file
  • increased maximum Rating for Wireless Negating Paint and Wallpaper from 6 to 10 to correspond to the Ratings of Jammers
  • changed Target Autosoft on Dragonfly Minidrone to Exotic Melee Weapon as per Arsenal Errata
  • corrected the Capacity for Clothing Ensembles
  • corrected the Avail for Firewall and System Vehicle Mods (0)
  • corrected the cost of Pelagos, Mediterranean

New Strings

  • Label_DiceRoller_Threshold
  • String_DiceRoller_Success
  • String_DiceRoller_Failure
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