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Chummer Build 472 Available

Build 472

  • save files now include <gameedition /> to indicate which edition of Shadowrun they are for
  • <gameedition /> is now checked when loading a save file to ensure the edition of Chummer and the save file match
  • fixed an issue where a failed roll with 0 Hits and not enough 1s to cause a Glitch would incorrectly show a Glitch
  • fixed an issue where increasing the quantity of Ammo using the Qty + button or the Buy Additional Ammo button would incorrectly multiply the total cost of the purchase
  • fixed an issue where removing an item that gave the character access to the Initiation/Submersion tab in Create Mode would not properly refund the cost of any Initiation/Submersion Grades that were purchased
  • Underbarrel Weapons now show their Dice Pools on the SR4 character sheet

New Strings

  • Message_IncorrectGameVersion_SR4
  • Message_IncorrectGameVersion_SR5
  • MessageTitle_IncorrectGameVersion
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