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Chummer Build 483 Available

Build 483

  • undoing a Removed Negative Quality Expense now adds the Quality back to the character
  • only Skills from currently active sourcebooks are shown in the Skills list
  • hopefully fixed the issue with MAG/RES, Essence penalties, and the Essence Loss Only Reduces MAG/RES Maximum house rule status
  • MAG and RES should no longer show values less than 0 in Career Mode
  • fixed an issue that caused non-Exotic Weapons that use an Exotic Weapon Skill to not appear properly in the Exotic Weapon Skill Specialization list
  • Nexi can now be marked as being a Home Node for an A.I.
  • added Vehicles Notes to the Vehicle Block sheet

Chummer Build 480 Available

Build 480

  • added support for <cyborgessence /> to the Improvement Manager which permanently reduces a character's Essence to 0.1.
  • Weapons that deal splash damage such as Grenades now have their bonus damage from More Lethal Gameplay and Weapon Mods calculated properly

Chummer Build 478 Available

Build 478

  • Gear now retains its given name when moved between a character's Gear and Vehicle
  • when moving Gear between the character's Gear and Vehicles, items must also have matching custom/assigned names and notes in order to be considered a match and stack
  • fixed an issue where Martial Art Advantages would show their ID instead of their Name in tooltips
  • fixed an issue where purchasing a Spell Formula would cause the Select Spell window to throw an error
  • changed how Essence Loss is calculated when the Essence Loss Only Reduces MAG/RES Maximum house rule is turned on in Career Mode
  • changed when Essence Loss is calculated when updating displayed Attribute values in Career Mode

High Elves Data File Updated

The data and files for the new 8th Edition book are now available thanks to Brian "Karthoris"!

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Chummer Build 476 Available

Build 476

  • added an option to only download language updates for your chosen language instead of all languages
  • fixed an issue where Armor Mods that cost a percentage of the base Armor's cost may cause an error to be thrown when their final cost resulted in a decimal
  • Power Foci and Spellcasting Foci now have a precedence set so that only the highest active value of each is used (must select Special > Re-apply Improvements to fix existing Foci)
  • Skills now properly handled Skill Attribute precedence

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Options_LocalisedUpdatesOnly

Chummer Build 473 Available

Build 473

  • Default Character Sheet option is now saved correctly
  • added a Apply Linux printing fix option to the Character and Printing tab in the Options window (see below)
  • fixed an issue with printing character sheets when running Chummer through Wine (see below)

Printing with Linux/Wine
This update introduces a fix to allow machines using Wine to load Chummer on a non-Windows OS to print character sheets if they were previously crashing. To fix the printing issue, go to Tools > Options > General Tab > Character and Printing sub-tab. Turn on the Apply Linux printing fix checkbox, then click OK. You should now be able to print without crashing.

New Strings

  • Checkbox_Option_PrintToFileFirst

Chummer Build 472 Available

Build 472

  • save files now include <gameedition /> to indicate which edition of Shadowrun they are for
  • <gameedition /> is now checked when loading a save file to ensure the edition of Chummer and the save file match
  • fixed an issue where a failed roll with 0 Hits and not enough 1s to cause a Glitch would incorrectly show a Glitch
  • fixed an issue where increasing the quantity of Ammo using the Qty + button or the Buy Additional Ammo button would incorrectly multiply the total cost of the purchase
  • fixed an issue where removing an item that gave the character access to the Initiation/Submersion tab in Create Mode would not properly refund the cost of any Initiation/Submersion Grades that were purchased
  • Underbarrel Weapons now show their Dice Pools on the SR4 character sheet

New Strings

  • Message_IncorrectGameVersion_SR4
  • Message_IncorrectGameVersion_SR5
  • MessageTitle_IncorrectGameVersion

Chummer Build 467 Available

Build 467

  • added a Threshold field to the Dice Roller window which will tell you if the roll was a success or failure
  • Karma and Nuyen tab now display charts to show the character's total Karma and Nuyen over time
  • fixed an issue where the Karma cost for increasing Initiation/Submersion Grade would not round correctly in the tooltip with Group and/or Ordeal checked
  • when selected, Armor Bundles now show the Ballistic and Impact Ratings of their equipped pieces
  • added support for <damageresistance /> to Quality requirements which requires a character's total Damage Resistance Pool to meet or exceed the specified size
  • Panzer Quality now requires Damage Resistance Pool of 5 instead of BOD 5
  • Paragons that offer a choice of bonuses now display their selected bonus on the Complex Forms and Sprites tab
  • Paragons that offer a choice of bonuses no longer prompt for a value to be entered in a textbox
  • fixed an issue where undoing an Nuyen Expense for an Armor Mod would not properly remove it from the list until reloading
  • removed the Concealable Holster from the Mortimer of London: Berwick Suit Jacket Ensemble
  • purchasing plugins for Gear with a quantity higher than 1 now costs the correct amount of Nuyen (plugin's cost x parent's quantity)
  • fixed an issue where Gear that is added as a plugin to another piece of Gear plugged into a piece of Armor could not be deleted until reloading the save file
  • increased maximum Rating for Wireless Negating Paint and Wallpaper from 6 to 10 to correspond to the Ratings of Jammers
  • changed Target Autosoft on Dragonfly Minidrone to Exotic Melee Weapon as per Arsenal Errata
  • corrected the Capacity for Clothing Ensembles
  • corrected the Avail for Firewall and System Vehicle Mods (0)
  • corrected the cost of Pelagos, Mediterranean

New Strings

  • Label_DiceRoller_Threshold
  • String_DiceRoller_Success
  • String_DiceRoller_Failure
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Chummer Now in Japanese!

Thanks to AhonokoP, Chummer now supports Japanese! The translations currently cover the books available in Japanese: SR4A, Augmentation, and Street Magic.


Shadowrun 5th Edition and Chummer

5th Edition looks to be introducing enough changes to the game system to warrant a new version of Chummer instead of trying to roll them into the current one. There are also a number of things in the current version of the code that I'm just not happy with, namely a lot of code duplication and things being bolted onto other things in a less than ideal manner. It's also getting somewhat difficult to maintain. Not really surprising since there was little-to-no design done when I first put the app together before it exploded in popularity. It's also just a natural by-product of an application's growth. At some point, it needs to be taken apart and rewritten.

What does this mean for the SR4 version of Chummer then? After the next small new feature (chart to show remaining Karma and Nuyen over time), I do not plan on implementing any new features into the application unless a new SR4 sourcebook is released which introduces something new. Thankfully it seems like most of the posts are now just about bugs anyways. New data for sourcebooks will still be added, bugs continued to be fixed, and minor enhancements made. I'll also continue to put the updated code on the Google Code site so that others can poke around with it if they'd like. I'm also going to try and have the next build available on Sunday afternoon which will contain the chart and as many bug fixes as I can cram in by then.

I don't know when the SR5 version will be available since we haven't heard a release date for the book yet and I have no idea how long it will take to make all of the changes it brings with it. Between now and then I'll be rewriting all of the core application code to try and tighten it up and make working with it easier from my perspective. I plan on continuing to use .NET 4.0 so none of the requirements will change and the new versions should still work on other platforms using Wine. I'm also going to try and work more closely with Ralf Stauder who wrote Squad Manager to try and get the two apps to work together better.