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Chummer uses XML files for all of its data. These data files can be found in Chummer's data directory. While you can enter custom data for Chummer, you should not modify these core files as they are overwritten with new versions by the update process. Instead, custom data should be placed in Custom Data Files. For information on creating Custom data, please refer to the Custom Data Files page.

The development of the SR5 version of Chummer is ongoing so the list of datafiles is not yet finalised. The current list reflects the data files that were used for the SR4 version of Chummer. Files may be added or removed as development continues. You can get more detailed information for a particular file by clicking on its name.

Data files now use GUIDs to give them a unique way of being identified in the application. This solves a number of issues that cropped up during the development of the SR4 version of Chummer, particularly with different pieces of Gear having the same name. Items in custom data files will also require a GUID. I have created a small GUID Generator application to make this easier.

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