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Gaining Karma and Nuyen

Sooner or later, your character is going to complete a run and gain some Karma. Our example character, Jarols, has just finished his first one. Somehow, Jarols was awarded 20 Karma and 5,000 Nuyen. (Jarols' player has also learned not to question how he got 20 Karma because this is an example!) It's time to record his lucrative reward. Click on the Karma and Nuyen tab. Click the Karma Gained button to enter the Karma reward. This opens the Karmic Change window.

Enter the amount of Karma gained and a description for the gain. By default, "Mission Reward" is already filled in. You can change this to any value you'd like; it is there to serve as a note or reminder as to where the reward or expense came from. The date also defaults to the current date and time that the window was opened to record when you received the reward or expense. You can also set this to any date and time you'd like. Some players like using the real world date of their game while other like to use the in-game date. The Refund checkbox adds Karma to your character without counting towards their Total Career Karma value. This is primarly use for creating Karma corrections. When you're done, click OK.

The same is done for the Nuyen reward. The Nuyen reward also gives the option of setting a percentage. When you click OK, the character receives X% of the amount entered. This is here to make dividing up gains or expenses easier. For example, if 4 characters gain an equal share of 13,715 Nuyen, it's quicker to enter 13,715 Nuyen and 25% in the window and let the application do the math than to figure it out on your own.

Misc. Expenses

At some point you'll need to throw some money around that has nothing to do with equipment. As luck would have it, Jarlos just got pulled over by LoneStar but he's managed to bribe the cop for 300 Nuyen. Click the Nuyen Spent button to open the Nuyen Change window. This is done in the same way as your Nuyen reward: enter an amount, date, reason, then click OK. The amount is deducted from your remaining Nuyen.

Spending Karma and Nuyen

Jarols finally has enough Karma to improve his AGI! When you hover over any of the green + buttons, you'll be shown a tooltip that informs you how much Karma it will cost to improve something.

When you click the improve button, you'll be asked to confirm that you want to spend Karma on improving something. Click Yes and you're set! This is done to keep you from accidentally clicking on something and spending Karma where you didn't intend to. You can turn this off by clearing "Ask for confirmation for Karma expenses" in the Options window if you'd prefer not to be asked.

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