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critterpowers.xml (and custom_critterpowers.xml, see Custom Data Files) contains all of the information for Critter Powers.


      <category />
      <power />

categories describes the different Categories of Critter Powers.

power nodes describe individual Critter Powers.

categories Node

   <category />

category (required): the name of the Critter Power Category. This list populates the Category list found in the Select Critter Power window. Categories are used to group Critter Powers into groups such as Emergent, Free Spirit, and Paranormal.

power Node

   <id />
   <name />
   <category />
   <toxic />
   <rating />
   <type />
   <action />
   <range />
   <duration />
   <bonus />
   <source />
   <page />

id (required): a unique identifier (GUID) for the Critter Power.

name (required): the name of the Critter Power.

category (required): the Category that this Critter Power belongs to.

toxic (optional): whether or not this Critter Power can is part of the Toxic Critters Powers set. Must be set to yes if present.

rating (optional): when present, Ratings for this Critter Power are enabled. The maximum Rating is equal to the value specified here.

type (required): the Critter Power's type.

action (required): the type of action the Critter Power uses.

range (required): the range of the Critter Power.

duration (required): the Critter Power's duration.

bonus (optional): a bonus node that describes any bonuses this entry grants. Values may contain the Rating keyword. See Improvement Manager for more information.

source (required): the code for the Sourcebook that this entry comes from. See books.xml.

page (required): the page number this item can be found on in the Sourcebook.