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If you take part in multiple games, chances are one game will use a different set of books, karma costs, optional rules, and/or house rules. Rather than forcing you to change these options each time you open Chummer, the application instead allows you to have Settings files. Each Setting file records the books, karma costs, etc. that a particular game uses. Each character in turn is associated with a Settings file, so when you open a character, the settings they use are automatically known. All Settings files are standard XML files and can be found in the Chummer\settings directory. Chummer comes with default.xml which are your default settings. You do not need to create additional Settings files unless you want to take advantage of their functionality.

If you have multiple Settings files, Chummer will ask you to select a Settings file each time you create a new character. The settings from the selected Settings file will always be applied to this character.

See Options, Optional Rules, and House Rules for the descriptions of each item.

Creating New Settings Files

To create a new Settings file, go to your Chummer\settings directory. Create a copy of default.xml and name the new file whatever you like. Once you have created the new file, open Chummer, then open the Options window. Open the Settings File list and choose the item that is not currently selected - this will be your newly-created file. From here, you can rename the Setting to something more suitable, change the list of allowed sourcebooks, optional rules, etc. Once you have made all of the necessary changes, click OK. You can always come back to the Options window and make changes to your Settings files later.

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