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When your character is in Career Mode, you can easily keep track of how much Ammo is in your guns, when it's time to reload, and how the Ammo affects your Weapon's stats. Our example character, Jarols, has been given a HK PSG Enforcer Sniper Rifle from Arsenal but no Ammo!

Buying Ammo and Reloading

Go to the Street Gear tab and select the Gear tab on it. Click the Add Gear button to open the Gear window. Select the Ammunition category, then select the type of Ammo and the quantity to purchase.

When you click OK, you'll be asked to select a Weapon category since Ammo is only interchangeable with guns of the same type (all Assault Rifles can use other Assault Rifle ammo, but Light Pistols cannot). We'll also buy 50 rounds of EX-Explosive Ammo. Everyone needs a little variety.

Select the Weapons tab and click on the gun you'd like to use. Half way down where it shows Ammo Remaining, we can see that his gun is empty. Click the Reload button.

When you have more than one type of Ammo available for the selected Weapon, the Reload Weapon window appears. Select one of your Ammo types from the Ammo list, then click OK.

The Ammo Remaining and Current Ammo fields now show that his gun is loaded with 12 rounds of Regular Ammo. Jarols' gun, however, has 2 Ammo slots that he can toggle between without having to manually switch clips, as shown by clicking the Current Ammo field. He can load his EX-Explosive rounds into the gun by selecting Slot 2, then going through the Reload method again, this time choosing his other Ammo type.

The Weapon's stats are automatically updated to reflect how the currently selected Ammo affects it each time you reload your Weapon or choose a different Current Ammo type. In this example, you can switch between Slot 1 (Regular Ammo) and Slot 2 (EX-Explosive) and see that the Damage and AP values change depending on the Ammo selected.

Firing Your Gun!

With your Weapon loaded, it's time to fill the air with lead. If you click the arrow beside FIRE!, you'll see a list of all of the firing modes that a Weapon can use. Firing modes your Weapon cannot use are greyed out in the list. Clicking on the desired firing mode will consume the number of bullets shown. If your Weapon is empty or does not have enough rounds for the firing mode, you will be shown a message saying you are either out of Ammo and need to reload, or letting you know that you are short of bullets and can instead treat it as a different firing mode, such as shortening a Long Burst to a Short Burst.

If you click on the FIRE! button instead of the arrow, the Weapon will fire using the first available firing method. For most guns, this is Single Shot.

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