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The XML Manager is responsible for reading data from the XML data files. It combines the base data files and custom data files, as well as the data translation file if using a non-English language, and presents the application with the merged data. To speed up execution, the XML Manager caches the base data file when it is first requested. On subsequent requests, the XML Manager compares the last modified date of the requested file against the last modified date that it saw. If these dates differ, the XML Manager dumps its current copy of the data and re-reads the contents. If these dates are the same, the cached version is used. The XML Manager only caches the base data file itself; custom data and translations are merged into the cached copy each time an items asks for the file to be loaded.

The XML Manager is also responsible for verifying the contents of data translation files, comparing each data file against the contents of the single data translation file and writing out a results XML file that details any discrepancies between them. See Verifying Translations on the Language Support page for more information.

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