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powers.xml (and custom_powers.xml, see Custom Data Files) contains all of the information for Adept Powers.


      <power />

power nodes describe individual Adept Powers.

power Node

   <id />
   <name />
   <points />
   <levels />
   <limit />
   <cap />
   <doublecost />
   <bonus />
   <required />
   <source />
   <page />

id (required): a unique identifier (GUID) for the Power.

name (required): the name of the Power.

points (required): the number of Power Points that the Power costs per Rating.

levels (required): whether or not Ratings are enable for this Power. Acceptable values: yes, no.

limit (required): limits the number of times the Power can be selected by a character. Acceptable values: 1 - 100.

cap (optional): limits the Rating of the Power to the value of the Attribute specified.

doublecost (optional): must be set to no if present. Adept Powers that affect an Attribute do not have their Power Point cost doubled when raising the Attribute exceeds its Metatype Maximum.

bonus (optional): a bonus node that describes any bonuses this entry grants. Values may contain the Rating keyword. See Improvement Manager for more information.

required (optional): the Power has certain requirements that the character must meet before it can be selected. See required Node for more information.

source (required): the code for the Sourcebook that this entry comes from. See books.xml.

page (required): the page number this item can be found on in the Sourcebook.

required Node

   <quality />

quality (required): the name of the Quality that is required in order for this Power to be selected.

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