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programs.xml (and custom_programs.xml, see Custom Data Files) contains all of the information on the Programs used to make up a Technomancer's Complex Form.


      <category />
      <program />

categories nodes describe the different Categories of Complex Forms.

program nodes describe individual Programs.

categories Node

   <category />

category (required): the name of the Category. This list populates the Category list found in the Select Complex Forms window. Categories are used to group Complex Forms into groups such as Common Use and Hacking.

program Node

   <id />
   <name />
   <skill />
   <category />
   <maxrating />
   <capacity />
   <tags />
   <complexform />
   <bonus />
   <source />
   <page />

id (required): a unique identifier (GUID) for the Program.

name (required): the name of the Program.

skill (required): the Active Skill that is typically used in when using this Program.

category (required): the Category that this Program belongs to, such as Autosoft, Hacking, and IC.

maxrating (required): the maximum Rating for the Program. May be left blank which limits the Rating to the value of the Technomancer's RES Attribute.

capacity (required): the Capacity the Program has for Program Options. May contain the Rating keyword. May contain mathematical formula such as Rating / 2.

tags (optional): used by Program Options to identify the types of Programs they can be linked to.

complexform (required): whether or not this Program can be added to a Complex Form. Acceptable values: yes, no. Currently unused but should be filled in appropriately should it become used.

bonus (optional): a bonus node that describes any bonuses this entry grants. See Improvement Manager for more information.

source (required): the code for the Sourcebook that this entry comes from. See books.xml.

page (required): the page number this item can be found on in the Sourcebook.

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