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skills.xml (and custom_skills.xml, see Custom Data Files) contains all of the information on Active Skills, Skill Groups, and Knowledge Skills.


      <name />
      <category />
      <skill />
      <skill />

skillgroups describe individual Skill Groups.

categories nodes describe the different Categories of Skills.

skill nodes describe individual Active Skills. The structure is identical for Active and Knowledge Skill nodes. Only their parent node name varies.

skillgroups Node

   <name />

name (required): the name of the Skill Group. This list populates the list of Skill Groups available to a character as well as any lists where Skill Group is displayed.

categories Node

   <category />

category (required): the name of the Category. Categories are used to group Skills into groups such as Combat Active and Physical Active. Additional Categories should not be created for Skills. May use the type attribute to identify if the Category is for an Active Skill or Knowledge Skill. Acceptable values: active, knowledge.

skill Node

   <id />
   <name />
   <attribute />
   <category />
   <default />
   <exotic />
   <skillgroup />
   <specs />
   <source />
   <page />

id (required): a unique identifier (GUID) for the Active Skill.

name (required): the name of the Active Skill.

attribute (required): the Attribute that this skill is linked to. Acceptable values: BOD, AGI, REA, STR, CHA, INT, LOG, WIL, MAG, RES.

category (required): the Category that this Active Skill belongs to. This should match one of the Categories defined in the categories Node.

default (required): whether or not this Active Skill allows Defaulting. Acceptable values: Yes, No.

exotic (optional): whether or not this Active Skill is an Exotic Active Skill. If present, this must be set to Yes.

skillgroup (required): the Skill Group that this Active Skill belongs to. This may be left blank if the Active Skill does not belong to a Skill Group. If populated, this must match one of the Skill Group Categories defined in skillgroups.

specs (required): a list of Specializations for the Active Skill. This is a list of suggested Specializations. Users may choose to enter their own values. This may be left blank. See specs Node for more information.

source (required): the code for the Sourcebook that this entry comes from. See books.xml.

page (required): the page number this item can be found on in the Sourcebook.

specs Node

   <spec />

spec (required): the name of an Active Skill Specialization. Multiple instance of this node may exist.

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