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traditions.xml (and custom_traditions.xml, see Custom Data Files) contains all of the information on Magic Traditions. steams.xml (and custom_streams.xml) contains all of the information for Technomancer Streams. Despite the file name difference, the structure of the two files are identical.


      <tradition />

tradition nodes describe individual Tradition/Stream.

tradition Node

   <id />
   <name />
   <drain />
   <spirits />
   <source />
   <page />

id (required): a unique identifier (GUID) for the Tradition/Stream.

name (required): the name of the Tradition/Stream.

drain (required): the Attributes that a character uses to resist Drain/Fading with this Tradition/Stream.

spirits (required): the list of Spirits/Sprites that a character following this Tradition/Stream can summon. See spirits Node for more information.

source (required): the code for the Sourcebook that this entry comes from. See books.xml.

page (required): the page number this item can be found on in the Sourcebook.

spirits Node

   <spirit />

spirit (required): the name of a Spirit/Sprite that can be summoned by followers of the Tradition/Stream. This node may appear multiple times.

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