Civilization V CIVILOPEDIA Online
National College


125 production


1 culture


+50% research, +3 research

Prerequisite Techs:

Required Buildings:

National College

Game Info:

Must have built a Library in all Cities. The cost goes up the more cities there are in the empire.


The National College National Wonder increases a city's research Science output by 50%, and it provides +1 culture Culture. A civilization must have a library in all cities before it can construct a National College.

Historical Info:

A national college is a state-run institute of higher learning. The modern college can be traced back to medieval Islamic madrasah, institutes of law and theology usually associated with mosques. Most countries in the world now have public college and university systems. The University of Tokyo in Japan is one such public institution. According to the Russian Global Universities Ranking, the University of Tokyo is the most prestigious university in Asia and third in the world.