Civilization V CIVILOPEDIA Online
Social Policies

Policy Branch:


Required Policies:


Game Info:

Each city you found will increase the culture Culture cost of policies by 33% less than normal. Also starts a golden age Golden Age.

Historical Info:

Representation is a policy where the citizens of a nation appoint "representatives" to run the government. This might be considered a step up from collective rule, once the population becomes too large to support that government type. In a representative form of government, the country is divided into smaller, more manageable districts (or parishes, or states, or whatever), and each chooses one or more local citizens to represent their interests in the government for a set period of time. The representatives form a parliament or some other kind of deliberative body, and they rule the country. While most representative forms of governments are republics, it is not strictly necessary. Some representative governments elect temporary or permanent kings and other nobility to rule over them.