Civilization V CIVILOPEDIA Online


36 production / 72 faith

Combat Type:

Archery Units


5 strength

Ranged Combat:

7 range strength




2 moves



Prerequisite Techs:

Becomes Obsolete with:

Upgrade Unit



Game Info:

Only the Maya may build this unit. It is cheaper and available sooner than the Archer, which it replaces.


The Atlatlist is the Mayan unique unit, replacing the Archer. Atlatlists are both cheaper than a traditional Archer, and available earlier without having to research Archery. This early game advantage allows other research priorities to come into play.

Historical Info:

The Atlatlists were super-specialized dart-throwers, employing a long, wooden, spear-like object to hurl their darts towards the intended target at a great speed. This implement, called an atlatl, had a small cup on one end on which the dart would rest, and a channel cut down the length for it to travel down. Using an atlatl, the Atlatlist could launch a dart over 300 feet and up to 60 miles an hour - a good deal farther and faster than a simple hand-thrown projectile. The Mayan Atlatlists would have been capable of devastating enemy lines from afar, provided they had a clear line of sight to the target.

Some of the earliest atlatls date back to roughly 400,000 years ago, used by the extinct Homo heidelbergensis. Homo sapiens are thought to have used an early version of the atlatl starting in the Upper Paleolithic Era, about 15,500 BC.