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About Warband

Warband is an army list generator for Warhammer Fantasy Battles 8th Edition and Warhammer 40,000 5th edition.

I started writing Warband shortly after I started playing Warhammer. I wanted a way of creating a list without having to scribble everything down on paper while flipping through the rule book and army book, and a better way of just fiddling with numbers to see what some of my options were. Originally, I was going to be the only one using this. As more friends got into the game, they started using it and Warband grew to support more armies and include more features, ultimately becoming what it is now. Warband has been in development and in use for more than 18 months before finally being made publicly available. I'll continue to work on Warband for as long as I'm playing Warhammer. While Warband is free, I certainly welcome donations which will help support my habit.

Okay, so why is Warband free?

Warband is free for a few reasons. Firstly, I have no intention of making money off of Games Workshop's hard work. They came up with all of this neat stuff. I just wanted a faster way of putting a list together and mucking around with the possibilities. This is a hobby project for me. I update it when I can but the updates may not come on a regular basis. I also don't want to have to bother with the hassle of a licensing system - both implementing it and generating license keys - especially when they're all so damn easy to crack, rendering the whole thing pointless. The long and short of it is I'm doing this for fun, not for profit.

Installing Warband

Warband does not require any installation. After downloading and extracting the zip file, simply run the Warband application. In order to start creating your warband, you will need an army data file. Warband uses registry entries to record whether or not automatic updates are enabled, your selected default army data file (if any), and your 5 most recently used saved files, so these settings will not be carried over if you use Warband on another computer.

Army Data Files

Warband does not come bundled with any data files. It does, however, come with an XSD file which defines how army XML files must be structured. Army data files are available for download from the Downloads page. These additional downloads are user-created content. Users are responsible for ensuring they legally own a copy of the Warhammer Fantasy/Warhammer 40,000 rulebook and the Warhammer Armies Book/Warhammer 40,000 Codex that a given data file is intended to represent.

Privacy and Online Interaction

If Automatic Update is enabled, Warband attempts to contact the update server when it is launched. Alternatively, you may check for updates manually by selecting Check for Updates from the Update menu. Warband and the update server do not collect any personal information of any kind. The application simply downloads and checks an XML file which it uses to determine if updates are necessary, then downloads only updated files as required. All of the files that are downloaded can be found in your Warband directory. Automatic Updates can be disabled by un-checking Automatic Updates from the Update menu.

So What Does it Look Like?

Warband's main application window where you build your army list.

The print window which lets you preview your army list and print it.