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Before downloading Warband, please be sure to read the End User Licensing Agreement. Downloading and using Warband shows that you agree to the terms listed in the EULA. Warband requires that you have Microsoft .NET 3.5 Framework installed (which is on most computers by now).


Warband application and the XSD files that define how army data files must be structured. Please note that Warband does not come with any army data files. Warhammer Fantasy army data files are available below.

Warhammer Fantasy Files for Warband

There are two types of files available: Army Data files which contain the unit information and Help files which contain special rules information for the army. Help files are not required to build your army list but make referencing the special rules easier. Each help zip file should be unzipped to the Warband\help directory After unzipped, you should have a directory called Warband\help\[army name]. By downloading and using any of these files, you agree that you legally own a copy of the Warhammer Armies book that the file is intended to represent.

Warhammer Fantasy Special Rules Help

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Special Rules Help Files

Army Data File Help Files
Beastmen Download Download
Bretonnia Download Download
Daemons of Chaos Download Download
Dark Elves Download Download
Dwarfs Download Download
Empire Download Download
High Elves Download Download
Lizardmen Download Download
Ogre Kingdoms Download Download
Orcs & Goblins Download Download
Skaven Download Download
Tomb Kings Download Download
Vampire Counts Download Download
Warriors of Chaos Download Download
Wood Elves Download Download